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Kilmallock Abbey
(Burial place of Burgats)
The castle and its estate of 720 acres was granted to an English adventurer in 1666. During the late 17th and 18th centuries the English government introduced a window tax. . This was introduced in the UK and Ireland in order to raise much needed cash for the government and the sum to be paid was based on the number of windows in the building. The tax was unpopular and the term "daylight robbery" was born. As a result many of the windows in large dwellings across the state were bricked up. Several of the windows in Fantstown castle were built up.
By the end of the 1700's the castle was uninhabited. The earliest record of the Moloneys in Fantstown is around the early 1800's. James Moloney occupied the farm until his death in 1886. He had one son and three daughters. His son 'Patrick' inherited the farm and lived in the family home located beside the castle, He had three sons, Michael,Jack and James. Michael became a farmer in the local parish of Athlacca while James joined the priesthood. Jack inherited the home farm.The property is presently owned by Edward and Una Moloney. They have three in family, John, Michael and Patricia. John and Breda Moloney currently live adjacent to the castle.