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Liscarroll Castle
Circa 1600AD the castle and some of the lands changed hands. Lord John Burgat married Gennet Fant who had inherited the castle . The Fant family lived close by.During the years 1603 to 1609 the Burgats reconstructed the castle adding the gun turrets. The Burgat family had a small garrison in the castle.
In 1641 the confederate war broke out in Ireland. This war was between native Irish Catholics and protestant British settlers supported by England and Scotland. This war was both a religious and ethnic conflict fought over who would govern Ireland. The outcome of the war would decide which ethnic and religious group would own the land and which religion would predominate in the country.
In July 1642 an Irish confederate army composed of militias created by local lords seized Liscarroll castle (around 18 miles west of Kilmallock) effectively laying siege to the English held city of Cork. The Burgats led one of these militias. The English army left Cork and attacked the Irish confederate forces.The Irish suffered heavy losses in the battle of Liscarroll and as a result the local Catholic gentry were decimated. Two Uncles and a nephew of the Burgat family were killed as many officers were executed. They are buried in the main aisle of Kilmallock abbey. A plaque engraved in latin overlooks their buriel spot. This is an indication of their high standing in the local community.