The earliest record of the name Fant in Kilmallock, County Limerick, Ireland (and indeed anywhere) dates back to the 13th century.The land on which the castle is located was owned by Robert Fant in 1234AD. Other lands and a lake outside the town walls of Kilmallock were owned by Richard and Patrick Fant in 1290AD. It is likely the family were of Norman origin and came to Ireland after 1169. As the saying goes "the Normans became more Irish than the Irish themselves" and quickly assimilated into the Irish population. The name Fant itself is believed to have derived from the french word "enfant" or child. This may or may not be the source of the name but it is one of the more plausible explanations. The castle itself was built in the early 1300's. We believe it was constructed as a sort of extension on to an existing stone tower due to the presence of an old design window and some corner stones in the North facing wall.
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Side view of Fantstown Castle