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The  Moloneys in Fantstown
The first record of the Moloney name being associated with Fantstown dates back to the early 1800's. James Moloney settled on the farm. He was married to Mary Condon from Kilfinane. They had one son and four daughters, Patrick,ELLen,Johanna,Anne and Mary. James Moloney lived well into his nineties and died in June 1886. Mary died around ten years later.
Their son Patrick inherited the farm at Fantstown. Mary Moloney married an Italian architect named Latorie and they lived in London without family. Ellen married a Dr Downes from Kilmallock. They also worked and lived in London. They had two sons, Tom and William. Neither Tom or William were to marry. William joined the franciscan order in his later years. Johanna Moloney never married and lived and worked in London. Anne Moloney went to Edinburgh university where she met Dr Arthur Joseph Ryan. They were married on board a ship en route to America. However on receiving a job offer at a practice in Romford Essex they immediately returned to England where they remained. They had one daughter, Kathleen Ryan. Kathleen never married.
Patrick Moloney married Elizabeth Henessey from Kilfinane. They had five children, Jack, James, Michael, Breda and Annie. Jack Moloney married a teacher named Delia Hynes from the village of Fedamore. They lived in Fantstown. Jack fought in the war of Independence and was a lieutenant in the civil war. He was also a fine jockey and won many trophys in his career.He died in 1987 at the age of 94. Delia died five years later. James Moloney joined the priesthood and served in several parishes in county Limerick(Kilfinane,Kilmallock,Rathkeale,Manister and Effin) between 1911 and his death in 1957.Breda married a Buckley man from Mallow in county Cork while Anne married a man by the name May, also from county Cork. Michael Moloney married Mary Anne Murphy from Ballyhea in county Cork. They worked a farm in Athlacca in county Limerick. They had four children, Edward, Breda, John and Patrick. Michael died in 1955.
Breda married Michael O Donnell and they lived on the family farm in Tankardstown near Kilmallock. They had one son, James. Patrick inherited the home farm in Athlacca. He married Nancy Welsh and they have one son, Michael. John Moloney lives in Buttervant county Cork and has five in family, Sean,Michael,Niamh,Kevin and Eamonn. Edward inherited the farm at Fantstown. He married Una Chawke from Rathkeale. They have three in family, Michael, Patricia and John. John and his wife Breda currently live in Fantstown.
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